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Money transfers

with instant delivery through a global network connecting
more than 100 countries around the world

Now it's even easier to take care of loved ones

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Average pay-out in just 10 minutes

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Delivering Value for Customers

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Customer Support 24 hours a day, 365 day a year

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Guaranteed transfer security

Send Money Faster, For Less

Instant money transfer in a convenient format

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Pay-out in the sender’s currency

For example, if you send $500 to Nigeria, the receiver will collect $500

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Pay-out in the receiver’s currency

For example, if you send £500 to India, the receiver takes the equivalent amount in Rupees

Kaymaks wallet

Transfer direct from your card to a receivers card*

Transfer to a card is easy, with funds always credited in the currency of the receivers card.

* We conduct all operations instantly. Depending on the beneficiary's bank, crediting to the card can take from 1 minute to 2 days, although in most cases it takes up to 10 minutes only.

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No fees for currency conversion

You no longer need to buy currency to send an international money transfer.
In Kaymaks, the exchange occurs automatically, instantly and without commission.