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Kaymaks is a business long-established as an Authorised Payment Institution in the money remittance market.

Our Software Engineering team have created platforms for international money remittance, terminal payment processing, banking and e-commerce. Our promise to your business is to continually develop our software to meet the ever changing needs of your business and customers.

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Our systems offer real-time payment and data processing at the speed-of-light

Unique software

Our payment processing and data processing is at the speed-of-light, faster than you can blink an eye.

Our design interface enables you to process money transfers in less than a minute.

Security is inbuilt, with instantaneous screening of all payments and individuals across a network of global agencies.

We regularly collect feedback from our users to continuously work to improve the platform.

Our partners help make our software easier and more convenient to use.

We work in over 100 countries through our ever expanding Agent and Partner network

We work directly with all Agents and Partners all over the world, providing a space for people to meet and network together.

It is this growing network that gives us the confidence that your native language will be supported by our friends around the world.

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